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I’m Austin Scholar. I’m a high school student in Austin, Texas who repeatedly scores in the 99th percentile of my grade level in nationwide tests. Though this may not seem all that interesting on its face, it becomes more compelling when you learn the following fact about me:

I haven’t had a teacher since the fourth grade. 

And yes, you read that right. I haven’t sat at a desk or in a classroom in six years. What’s the secret, then, of learning without teachers? The answer is simple: Online learning. 

I’m not talking about Zoom-school, where students are unfocused, distracted, and don’t learn a thing. I’m talking about adaptive, educational apps. Online learning and educational apps have the potential to change education as we know it. 

I go to Alpha, an innovative school in downtown Austin, Texas. At Alpha, students don’t learn academics from teachers. Rather, students use adaptive, educational software to learn at their own pace. This means that the software adjusts the content provided based on what each student knows and doesn’t know. These apps allow students to learn academic curriculum twice as fast as they would at a standard school, and reach and maintain the 90th percentile for their grade level. 

When reviewing the results of the nationwide Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Test offered by NWEA, which assesses K-12 students’ achievement and growth in academic content, I saw some troubling numbers. For the Language MAP test, the 50th percentile 11th graders scored the exact same as the 98th percentile 2nd graders. This means that half of the graduating high school students in America know as much grammar as the highest performing 2nd graders. Similarly, in math, the 50th percentile graduating high schoolers know as much math as the highest performing 4th graders. 

We cannot continue like this. Something needs to change in today’s educational system. That’s where I come in.

What is the Austin Scholar Newsletter?

Education today is in shambles. Through writing, I will provide a teen’s perspective on the best way to help your child thrive in this competitive world, based on my experience with adaptive learning applications and other facets of my non-traditional schooling. 

I will be covering:

  • Important life skills for kids to learn in this new world

  • What the best online adaptive apps are

  • A teenager’s tips on how to manage teens’ mental and emotional health

  • “The Teen View” – Understanding teen’s motivations

  • Curated ideas from the leading thinkers on education

  • Why your high schooler should have a “spiky” passion project (Like this newsletter)

About Austin Scholar

I’ve been the guinea pig for radical educational ideas for my entire life. When I was younger, these experiences were put upon me by my parents. However, I’ve grown to love these innovations and have become their biggest champion. 

Adaptive apps are a key enabler in the future of education. Because of the thousands of hours I have spent in these adaptive, educational apps, I believe I know more about these platforms than almost anyone else. 

But I have learned that adaptive apps aren’t enough to succeed. You need a new set of life skills that aren’t taught in a standard school. Taking ownership of your education, learning to learn, mastery-based mindset, daily habits, setting ambitious goals, and mindfulness are just some of the life skills I have needed to learn along the way.

Every parent hopes their child can follow their passion and pursue their dreams. This newsletter is mine. I believe so much in radical education that I want as many kids as possible to break free from the drudgery of standard school and excel in this new world. This newsletter is my way to share my knowledge and life experiences in order to help parents get the best education for their kids. 

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For the next three years, I will be publishing newsletters on innovative ideas challenging the current educational system. The target audience of the Austin Scholar newsletter is parents with kids, adults interested in changing the education system, and high schoolers looking for new ways to learn.

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The Austin Scholar newsletter is launching on Wednesday, March 2nd with a free post, and, for the two days following, I will publish a newsletter for paid subscribers each day. I am unbelievably excited to begin my Substack journey, share my knowledge, and change education along the way.

Thanks, y’all,

Austin Scholar.

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Education today is in shambles. Through writing, I will provide a teen’s perspective on the best way to help your child thrive in this competitive world.


A teenaged Austinite writing about how to bring education to the 21st century.